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I can't climb a tree.

In fact, there are a lot of things I'm no good at: whistling, baking, and remembering all the lyrics to Salt-N-Peppa's Shoop.

Despite all the things I can't do, I am incredibly adept at one thing: clean & strategic design.


I attended the University of Nebraska - Omaha and majored in Graphic Arts & Design; post college, I have worked and excelled in the publishing, sporting, and real estate sectors. In my career I have specialized in brand design & management as well as both print & digital marketing materials. 


In my free-time however, I like to take on new and more challenging projects; In 2017 I helped design, layout, and launch BFFzz, a bi-annual Benson based magazine highlighting artists, writers, shops, & restaurants. Most recently, I've been trying my hand at video editing and produced a commissioned series for NP Dodge - Fremont entitled "Agent Spotlight".

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